Friday, March 04, 2011

Private Playlist

I'm one of those people who always has a song playing in my head.  Sometimes it's one of mine, sometimes it's somebody else's. 

But either way, it tells me something about what's really going on with me...often something I'm not telling myself, or anybody else, any other way.

Songs show up in the mind without being invited.  They're guests at the, let them in. 

What's going through your head right now?  What does it tell you about what you need or where you're going?  The songs on your "private playlist" offer clues to what your life is really about.  

If you have a gig tonight, you might play a song from that playlist, not because it's your "best" song or "most popular song"--but because it's a song that comes from an authentic place.  (No one else needs to know what the song "means" or symbolizes for you.  The important thing is that you're giving voice to something deep within yourself.)

If you're not playing out somewhere, you can do this at home.  While at work, jot down the song playing in your head...and play it later as a meditation.  Or quickly, without thinking too hard, make a quick "set list" of songs you would play for yourself, right now. 

Not because anybody else is listening.  But because you are.